String of burglaries in Lynchburg

Since January 3rd, nine burglaries have occurred in the Lynchburg area. Most of these burglaries happened during the day when no one was home. Police remind residents to lock their doors when leaving their homes.

Madison Heights Man wins 1M$ Prize in Lottery

Rodney Hall purchased his ticket last weekend right before the big snow storm. He was unable to redeem his prize, so he guarded the ticket with his life until he was able to redeem it. He was given the choice of receiving 1 million dollars over 30 years or $537,393 in cash, he chose the cash option.

Cow Dies after falling in frozen lake

On Tuesday afternoon in Bedford county, a Cow fell through the ice of a frozen lake. Special operations units were called in an attempt to save the cow. After an hour the cow was pulled out and taken to nearby barn to warm up but it later died.

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