An Open Letter to Talia Jane

I get it. I do. Life is hard. Things aren’t turning out the way you planned when you moved here. Guess what? Welcome to the club sweetheart.

I moved out here a few months ago from a small town in Louisiana. The living situation you left from sounds awful. I relate. Being gay in a small town in the close minded deep south is no picnic either I assure you. Knowing my interest in the field of technology I decided to fly out here and stay with a friend I knew only from a distance.

When I first arrived I was suffering some delusion that my GPA and Bachelor’s degree in Finance would guarantee easy employment. Oh how wrong we can be. I had no job and the “friend” I moved out here relying on person who ended up being a pathological liar who caused me much misery and grief. As luck would have it I have met some angels along the way who have made my journey easier. One friend gave me $40 when I had not a penny to my name and was going hungry.

During my time in San Francisco I have combated homelessness and had to do some things I am not proud of in order to continue living here. I could cry and weep and wallow in the self pity. How easy it would be to fall into that trap! That wouldn’t help the situation.

I now have a part time job and a place to call home. I feel incredibly blessed and fortunate for these things. In the meantime I have applied to coding academies to further my skills and make myself more employable. Everything is getting better. Do I have a mansion in the hills and drive a BMW to work? Nope. And that’s ok.

Would it be easy to pack up and go home? Sure it would. Were there times when I wanted to cry and shout and curse everything and everyone? Of course. We have to work past these harmful feelings and keep moving forward.

I am sorry to hear that you were fired. Truly. I wish you the best of luck and please for God’s sake keep chasing your dream whatever it is. The lesson here is keep fighting. Never never never never give up. The only people who succeed are those with the courage to endure and the wisdom to keep their mouths shut.