Emilie Kupsov helps lead the Lancers to yet another successful season

It’s Kupsov, takes a rip and finds the back to the net to put Longwood up!”

One year ago, during the 2016 season, the audience only heard the words “Kupsov” and “Goal” only once in the entire soccer season. That was because Emilie Kupsov, who is now the sophomore Forward for the club, only appeared in a handful of games and scored just one goal.

Fast foward to this season, Kupsov has started in all 18 games and scored six goals. “The difference between this season and last season was that it took me longer to adjust to the system and to get into the routine of conditioning but thats the way i’ve always been with new teams.”

Emilie Kupsov

With the team being such a success, more and more students fill the stands at the Athletics Sports Complex each game, supporting their Lancers as they run up and down the field. “The atmosphere at these games are electric, hearing the fans in the crowd cheer you on is definitely a huge confidence boost.”

Now that the regular season is over and havent lost a match in their last 8 games, with a huge win against conference rivals, Liberty Flames. “I honestly didnt think that we were going to beat them 3–0, but we knew it was going to be close. We haven’t beaten them in a long time so we’ve just been building up and building up so much energy, we just wanted to go after them and play a good match.”

With that win, the lancers have created momentum as they move closer to the tournament. “We just want to take it one game at a time”, Kupsov stated, “ not doing anything too much, stick with the game plan. No matter the result, we are a team, its not about one player in particular, we win as a team and lose as a team.”

The Lancers finished the season 6–1–2 in conference play and will host Charleston Southern, the 6th seed in the Big South Conference, in the quarterfinal on Oct 27 at 7:00 p.m.

You can check out Kupsov’s season stats at the Longwood Athletics Website http://longwoodlancers.com/roster.aspx?rp_id=2693

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