A CryptoCurrency Fund For A Terminally Ill Dad & His Children

Colby Mort
Aug 15, 2017 · 3 min read

This week it came to my attention of a very saddening event. A very kind, humble and gentle man has been diagnosed with grade 3 Anaplastic Astrocytoma, a rare malignant brain tumour. Whilst Leo should be worrying about himself and his time left, instead he has been worrying about the future for his kids and wife, he always puts his family and friends before himself, even when his life is on the line.

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Leo with his two children (ages 2 and eight months)

With a prognosis of anywhere between 1–3 years Leo doesn’t have much time left to spend with his children who he adores. During the time since his diagnosis back last year, he has been fighting the tumour as best as he possibly can taking all possible steps and treatments.

Leo — Noah and Evelyn’s daddy, was given the option of treatment or not. He chose to fight for his family, to fight the tumour and accepted all the treatment available. Leo’s bravery and determination to be there for his children is inspirational. Leo immediately underwent a life-saving craniotomy — a form of brain surgery. Then a further fully awake craniotomy where Leo couldn’t even be put to sleep for the initial stages of the surgery. He is fighting for his children, to make memories, to be with them as long as he can.

This week his mother-in-law has set up a just giving page to try and raise funds so that Leo as well as his wife and children can do as much as they can together with the time Leo has left. I urge you to just take a second to read through this and if possible to donate as this is such a great cause and you’ll be helping Leo’s kids spend as much time with their loving father:

A Fund For The Future

I’ve been investing in crypto-currencies for close to a year now and have made very good returns as I am very passionate about finding the best projects and involving myself within the various communities (Ark Slack, Pivx Slack, Digix Slack, Ethtrader and so forth) therefore I am putting together a crypto-currency fund aimed at raising as much as possible so that in the future, Leo’s kids can really have as good of an education and other enjoyments as possible.

I am going to be initially investing £1250 into this fund and will be posting monthly updates as I progress with the aim to grow this to as much as possible within three years and in August 2020 I will be handing over these funds to the family and helping them access and utilise this fund for Leo’s children. I will be making this fund public so that anyone can view my progress using the link below:

CryptoCompare — Leo’s Investment Fund Public Portfolio

This fund will be continuously monitored by myself and updated on a weekly basis with different trades and new openings in various currencies. I will provide in depth monthly reports for those who want to track my progress.

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Leo and his lovely family!

Crypto Donations

For those in the crypto-currency world, I am leaving the public addresses of the wallets below for those who wish to contribute to this fund and I will continue to leave this at the bottom of each monthly update. I really hope you find it in your heart to donate whatever is feasible, however I am grateful for you reading to the bottom of this article and hope that you follow me in my monthly updates and see how much progress we make towards creating a great fund for an amazing cause!



Ethereum (ETH)| DigixDao (DGD) | OmiseGo (OMG)




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