Leo’s Fund — Cryptocurrency Investment Fund (August Update)

To those who may just be joining my journey, I created this fund at the start of August in order to raise money for Leo, a terminally ill man who I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the last few months. Unfortunately he has not been given many options by the doctors and therefore does not have much time left to spend with his family which includes two young children and a loving wife.

I am using my knowledge of the cryptocurrency markets to raise as much funds to give to Leo’s wife and kids in August 2020 and each month I am giving updates as to how the fund is panning out. If you would like to read my initial post then it can be read here.

This month has been a whirlwind start and thanks to many gracious donations and various price increases has seen the fund hit several of my targets, superseding the set target which I aimed to hit for this month.

My progress updates will always be structured so that I recap the previous month, look at trades and donations as well as what is on the agenda for the month to come.

When I started this month, the fund was at £1250 of which I donated to help kick start the fundraising and over this August period, we have grown the fund to over £2850 at the time of this writing. I’m very grateful for those in the Ark slack who have donated to the cause, donations this month totalled to approximately £450. Without further ado, let us delve into the figures and find out how we came to these figures.

Starting off the fund, we put an initial amount of £1250 spread across four different cryptocurrencies in order to maximize profit potential by diversifying across an array of crypto assets.

These assets included: Ark, Ethereum, DigixDao and OmiseGo because I firmly believe they all offer an incredibly useful service or product that has plenty of room to grow, a suitable market cap and a community backing which will see the project improve itself as best as possible. For those wondering how I choose my investments, you can read my article here.

Below is a screenshot of the present investments and their growth, we can see that Ark was the real winner this month with a 103.71% growth however due to the market being in a bull run this month, we can see that every investment had a very nice growth rate, netting us an exceptional overall fund growth for the month of August.

This leaves us with our plan for the month of September which is quickly approaching. We can delve into my plans below:

September will be a time where I am looking to set up multiple projects in the crypto community to further donations to the fund so I can really grow it well and I am hoping that we will see similar growth rates over the next month. I will be setting up a lottery in the Ark slack which I hope to launch in the next few days to really ramp up the fundraising.

I will be back at the end of September with another update however you can follow the portfolio live here.

Donation addresses which go 100% to the fundraising goal can be found here:

Ethereum (ETH)| DigixDao (DGD) | OmiseGo (OMG)
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