4 Ways to Prepare Your Home to Sell it

Selling your home is a big deal. No wonder you are so stressed! You need to make sure it goes in the timeframe you need it to, and for a good price. Instead of sitting around and just hoping this all works out, here are a few things you can start on today that ensure a good sale:

#1 Put on a fresh coat of paint. A fresh coat of paint makes every house look better! If you haven’t painted your home in a few years, it probably needs it. The buyers will more than likely be budgeting for painting it, and then take that amount of money off the offering price. Instead, do it for them and you’ll be much more likely to get the sell price you are aiming for. If you like the color of your home, you don’t even need to change it. Just apply a fresh top coat and your house will look brand new again!

#2 Get your landscaping spruced up. Your landscaping, like the grass itself, trees, flowers, and bushes, are one of the first things that catch the eye of potential buyers. If they pull up for the first time and see a lot of brown patches, dead bushes, and trees with hanging limbs, they won’t be impressed no matter how great the actual house is. Get this taken care of now and you’ll be much more pleased with how your house shows.

#3 Take care of any needed permits, taxes, and documentation. You may be surprised how many home sales fall through when the potential buyers go through the paperwork and realize the house may have some serious paperwork issues. If any part of your home is unpermitted, like say a back porch, get it taken care of right now. The same goes for any other kind of documents or liens, perhaps back taxes. Most buyers won’t be willing to take these fees and fines on for you just to get your house as their own.

#4 Hire a team for gutter repair in Winston-Salem. Anything that needs to be fixed around your home should be done right away, before your home even hits the market. Otherwise, you risk getting an offer and then finding out your house failed the necessary inspection. That is not a good thing for anyone- you as the seller, the potential buyers, and even the real estate professionals. If your gutters are beyond fixing, you may even opt for all-new Winston-Salem gutter installation so you can know the entire system is working properly.

Today is the day to act on these items. Something relatively simple, like gutter repair in Winston-Salem, may add thousands to the asking price of your home because it will show better and any potential buyers don’t need to do it after they take over the house. You want to make your house look great and make the sale as easy as possible for everyone, and these four ideas are a great way to get started doing that.