I See You

I see you
I’m not referring to the person I see with my two eyes
Because even I can recognize
That the person I am seeing is putting on one hell of a disguise
Rather what I choose to see
Isn’t something that just anyone sees
I see someone riveting and free
With such a compelling energy
That the basis of what you can be
Is merely hindered by that disguise I see
I can tell that is not the real you
And you know it’s true
Because the captivation you behold has been subdued
Due to effects of a false reality you choose to listen to
And as I sit back and notice how that disguise is what’s subjected
I cannot help but feel like the flawlessness you possess isn’t being respected
But who am I to interfere
Knowing if you want better really isn’t clear
Maybe you relish in that disguise
Maybe there’s a reason why you hide
Maybe someone hasn’t appreciated the person you are inside
Just know that if you do ever decide
That the disguise you have on just doesn’t make you satisfied
I’d love to show you how your energy can become magnified
By taking away all the ways you’ve been personified
And making the truth of who you are more simplified
That’s what you deserve
That’s what the world deserves to see
This isn’t about me
This about the world around you experiencing who you can be
You will behold that energy you have one day
That disguise will gradually fade away
And you will relish when someone is sincere when they say
I see you

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