Do you Have the Next Big Idea?

a quick thought about the future of tech and interface.

Joanna Kosinska

I think everyone is obsessed with coming up with the next big idea. Everyone wants to be first. Everyone wants to be the one who did it. But I don’t think we have everything figured out. I want to take the big ideas that we already have and turn them around, reimagine them and make them better.

Why do we still have websites that are awful? Why are we still using ideas that haven’t changed in decades? Think about computer interfaces; is mouse and keyboard and a screen full of messy windows really the best way to operate a computer? I don’t know. Maybe its not.

Think about car ownership. For so long we’ve been buying overpriced cars that we use 4% of the time. Now with the rise of autonomous vehicles and ridesharing (uber, Car2Go), the idea of car ownership might fizzle out. It’s ideas like that in which I want to be a part of.

I don’t need some new tech company telling me that my computer doesn’t need ports anymore. That’s not innovation. I see the next wave of innovation being iterative approaches on existing fundamental ideas.