Traditionally (as in the first few years of Unbounce), template development was quite the arduous process where our Creative Director and Design Director would get together and plan out every detail of the page. Layout, color scheme, and copy would be selected to suit Oli’s Conversion Centered Design principles and over a couple weeks of brainstorming and iteration, the makings of a landing page would be scrawled out on a whiteboard before making their way to Denis’ screen. You can see a more in depth look at this whole process here.

Now, there has been a lot of change over…

A few months ago our UX team made the decision to begin implementing usability studies and user interviews into our design process. Even after 5 years in the game this isn’t a huge deal considering Unbounce already has a pretty close connection with it’s customers (our Customer Success team rocks). To ensure we are building what our users want, we take feature requests into account to plan out our product roadmap. However, adding customer interviews and usability testing to the mix will allow us to improve the product experience well before we actually start building anything. …

Cole Derochie

Product @unbounce Freelance @colderoshay. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or Linkedin

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