Why wearing a face mask is popular in Asia, but not in the U.S. and Europe? Is there a difference in cultural perception towards face-masks?

Recently, there has been a joke on the internet saying Americans don’t wear face-masks because American Superheros also don’t like to cover up their faces. Even if they do, they tend to only wear masks that are not covering up the mouth. Batman, Flash, and Zorro are all perfect examples of this. In Asia, on the other hand, Ninjas and other heros tend to wear masks that cover the whole face, or parts of the eyes. So why is this the case?

Emotional perception across cultures

Facial expressions have always been considered as the universal language of emotion. An adult human-being can normally tell…

How to create passive income with no money on minimal effort? Exploring creative ideas that generate a passive income

Passive income seems to be one of the hottest topic in personal finance nowadays. However, most of these passive income gurus and guides are all focusing on investing your own money to make passive income happen. As a student without any experience or cash on hand, all these popular passive income strategies such as investing, rental properties, and Web-hosting all seem too troublesome and high-risk.

Today, I wanted to tackle a question that every student has when it comes to passive income:

How to create passive income with no money? Exploring creative Ideas to passive income

Unfortunetly, you can’t just grow money.
Unfortunetly, you can’t just grow money.

The right mindset

Passive income is not…

Fast crashes of financial markets and environmental impacts due to trade wars

Our society is a big machine built by parts that each serves no purpose when not put together. It’s hard for us to determine the importance or the causality links between the parts, but the failure of a single screw, for example, would place a heavier burden for other screws to keep the machine running. In our society, it’s hard for us to say that the finance industry always has a greater importance than the agriculture industry when it comes to the economy, or a teacher’s job is more important than the doctor’s. However, we should certainly know that our…

Are the markets under-reacting to climate change information? How can climate change be a threat to the financial markets?


It doesn’t matter if people actually read my articles, I’m not an expert in climate change (yet), but I know the end is imminent if we don’t act now. I’m writing these articles to make people aware of what’s happening around us. Sooner or later, people would look back at some fictional doomsday films produced in the 21st century and wonder if it was based on true stories. You could say climate change is like a weird cult, but you are in it whether you like it or not. The more informed we are about the environment, the more powerful…

Exploring ideas of sustainable investments that generate financial returns — a casual study

I believe the most important step in achieving sustainability is to recognise and understand the problem; especially for the ones in charge.

In 2017, Trump Administration withdrew from the Paris Agreement, a deal to minimise greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, industries and cars. Trump has always doubted whether global warming is “man-made” and suggested that temperature would eventually fall in the future. However, when Trump’s statements were challenged by global warming scientists, he simply argued that those scientists have a very big political agenda. Shortly after the Paris Agreement, Trump’s government scientists released a report on devastating changes to…

A casual study of financial crimes

Power talks tough, money whisper commands

To what extent do banking misconducts considered as fraud? When you search “Bank Fraud” on Wikipedia, you will not find the names of HSBC, Goldman Sachs, or JP Morgan. But did you know that HSBC have paid out more than $1.9bn in fines to the US department of Justice for laundering money for Drug Cartels in Mexico? Or JP Morgan’s $920m fine for the 2012 trading scandal? …

A Case study of the Dot com bubble, Warren Buffett and forecast earnings

Benjamin Graham, image retrieved from https://qix.capital/gurus/benjamin-graham/

“In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.” — Benjamin Graham

What is value investing

Investing in value stocks often come with great challenges. The concept of intrinsic value is often used when investigating the discrepancies of value in the target stock. However, the estimation of intrinsic value is subjective to each individual investor. Two different investors can analyse the same data and still come up with different estimations of intrinsic value of a target stock. …

A case study of Waste Management, Inc.

Somebody’s trash is someone else’s treasure

Business Model

Waste Management is currently the largest non-hazardous waste operator in North America with more than 21 million customers across 48 states and Canada. The company runs 400 collection operations, 249 active solid waste landfills, 297 transfer stations, and 104 recycling centers.

Their business model can be described by the classic phrase of turning trash into treasure. In the garbage collection business, it is usual practice where clients set up long-term contracts with the collection firm. The contract usually last 3–7 years for residential clients and the fees…

A case study of Waste Management Inc.

Trading on Margins

I bought my first stock with margin back when I was 17, and it was Waste Management, Inc (WM). The stock price went up quite a bit after a few weeks and I sold a profit for around S$230. I re-invested all the money on buying other margins and I lost all of it in one week. Since then, I never traded with margins again. The idea of “Margin Trading” is fairly simple, but it simply doesn’t work.

Here’s how it works:

Karen has 10 dollars. Felix has 3 dollars.

Felix to Karen: Hey, can I borrow 10 Dollars, I’ll pay you back 11…

Here’s a quote on intrinsic value in security analysis:

“To use a homely simile, it is quite possible to decide by inspection that a woman is old enough to vote without knowing her age or that a man is heavier than he should be without knowing his exact weight..” — Security Analysis by Benjamin Graham, David Dodd, Warren Buffet.

It is always exciting to recognise the discrepancies between the intrinsic value and the market price of a security. However, the concept of intrinsic value is often confused and difficult to tackle for many investors. The commonly known definition of intrinsic…


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