Dear Donald Trump,

So here we are, the election of 2016 is only three days away. From what I have read and researched on you, most of your political views and policies are understandable to an extent. You would be a great president, however you lack the ability to make proper communication and solve conflicts on a public level. You are able to lay out your own idea and promises to this nation, but when people state their own ideas or simply disagree with your ideas, you turn a blind eye and you never give valid reasons for why you disagree with them. Your Debates with the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton consisted mostly of one word, “wrong.” You managed to turn the presidential debate from a sophisticated debate of political view to a head on fight over the seat of the white house. Your argument was no different than that of two petulant children fighting for a toy. Understandable you were standing your ground, but you spoke out of turn, tried to make your voice louder, and you make statements that hurt many people.

You make many broad statements and you never think of who they will hurt. For example, stating “I know more about ISIS than the generals know.” The generals of our great nation are strongly offended. The people fighting for our country don’t want to be insulted and thought of as inferior because of their president’s radical opinions. You upset many americans around the nation, calling women ugly, saying women should be “punished” for having abortions, insulting the many working people that come to this country, the land of opportunity, and even going as far as insulting a reporter who is disabled. To then turn around and say statements like “I have tremendously support for women”(November 3rd, 2016) and “Hillary Clinton is ‘wrong’ to say he mocked a disabled reporter.”(October 20th, 2016)

I digress, I want to know what drives you to make such statements. What makes you want to hurt and target people who are already being hurt from the inequality still present in our modern nation? Women are earning less than men, given less opportunities in the work and education field, and being objectified by media. On top of this, disabled people are born into this world as equal as any other person and they work hard to make a life here in this country, they are already not accepted by many people in society for simply being different, they shouldn’t have to be discriminated by their own president. It confuses even me, how a man to claim to be so smart can not be smart enough to know what a president should be. A president is in office to end conflicts, not create them. What is your goal in suppressing these minorities simply to make yourself look like a heartless person?

Your harsh language and discrimination finds its way into the media every day and people around the world feel the shock just as much as right in the home country. Some children want to grow up and be like their great leader of America and to see him cursing and discriminating against minorities makes these children become influenced by it and the last thing this country needs is a return to radical racism. Not only are children seeing this and picking up on such radical opinions but also other countries around the world are watching this land of opportunity rot at the core. They form a strong hatred towards america because if you are president, we are assumed to be like you, racist, sexist, and unaccepting of others and their cultures. The president should be accepting of change not force the change out and put up a wall.

Despite your claims, you have the right mindset in terms of helping the people of America. Even so, these policies and promises will not clean up the mess that you stirred up in America, turning us against each other with your radical influences. This country is our home and we deserve a president who we want to look up to someone who brings a country together, not brings them apart. We have to be accepting of change as some people are accepting of you Mr. Trump. If you turn a blind eye to those in america who are having problems and cant communicate with your nation, you fail to be a president, for this government is by the people, for the people.