What Makes You Mad?
Pendarvis H.





Going to bed (after reading)

I get mad at very few things. Most of the things which I get mad about pertain to “success”. While success is something that isn’t black and white, I believe from early on people have a good idea of what success looks like to them. Success is also fluid, as life progresses, goals and aspirations change.

I get mad when people tell me “I really want to be rich”. It’s not the idea of wanting to be rich that makes me mad, it’s the fact that nearly every person who has said that to me has not taken any steps to achieve their version of success. In today’s world, especially among my millennial peers, work ethic seems to be at an all time low.

“I want to do X,Y, and Z so that I can become financially free” is what I wish I heard. Rather, too often I hear “once you have your business you should hire me”. Which basically says to me that I am not worth their time until they know I am good enough to make myself into something. They would rather have somebody else put in the work and reap the rewards than to jump into the trenches and fight all the way up alongside me.

That’s unacceptable in my world.

That’s what makes me mad.

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