“Amazing Grace: The Story of a Song That Makes a Difference” Film Review

A song most of us have heard at least once, “Amazing Grace” was written and published by John Newton in 1779 and has only gained in popularity since then. The film “Amazing Grace: The Story of a Song That Makes a Difference,” interviews people of all types and origins to find out what it means to them. Pastors, kids, prisoners, families meeting up for a reunion, are just some of the kinds of people they interviewed. All of them had a connection with Amazing Grace and thought it played an important role in their life. Amazing Grace was described as a revered and emotional song that many could relate to in some way. The lyrics hold special importance and combines with the chanting of the song flawlessly. It was sung in several places in the film, notably at a family reunion, churches, school, prison, and on a school tour to Japan. From the original version, Amazing Grace has sometimes been changed or modified by different singers over time but retains the same powerful effect on people. What astounds me is that, over 200 years later, this song is not only widely known but also still sung to this day, even in prisons. Amazing Grace is often associated with saving the people who hear it. This song has had such a profound effect, that prisoners would look at their lives and realize their mistakes. If I could change one thing about this film it would be to have extended interviews with the prisoners, and just what they plan to do now.

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