Film Review: “Soundtrack for a Revolution”

Soundtrack for a Revolution covers the emotional story of the Civil Rights movement, focusing on African-Americans and how music was able to inspire them during their protest. The movie interviews several people, ranging from experts of civil rights movements to people who personally participated in it. Multiple recordings are shown of protesters singing or talking with their fellows, then cutting to today and asking them what it was like. For many it was a very trying time, but they kept marching and singing on for what they believed in. Some met, or even personally knew or worked for, Martin Luther King Jr. and described how much of an inspiration he was for the movement. They went on to explain that music too played an important role. Songs were upbeat and usually involved chant singing or call-and-response, letting just about anyone to join in with them. Whether they were protesting, marching, sitting in jail, or in church, they sang. Some songs they knew the lyrics by heart, others they sang from the heart. Some likely drew inspiration from Martin Luther King Jr.’s speeches himself. To this day, musicians draw ideas from the emotional and historical aspects from that time.

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