Stream of Unconsciousness: Apartment Coffee

Emplace yourself into a stream of unconscious thought…

Gaze over the trees west where the sun falls behind. Hear the raindrops hit the residential hall roof. We cannot smell the weather, but we walk the pavement. Towards an object yet defined. Familiar apartments rest ahead.

The apartment is painted by the rain an uncolorful wet beige. Quaint accents of submerged brown metal trim outline the grid of windows upon the face of the building. Faint yellow lights illuminate overhead as we approach the entry.

We enter with expectation to find the friend we meant to acquaint, Christopher.

Christopher serves at the coffee shop in the basement of our student union now. In the late of night, anonymous bodies are found scattered abroad the large room staring into their laps.

“No thank you, I don’t want coffee” we say. Christopher casts his company hat away, and walks with us. We include ourselves to the nightcrawlers as our next thought approaches.

All expands outward and is lost from thought as a familiar conversation begins.

Conversation repeated, the mind wanders to a new story without cohesion, and the remnants of the previous thought lays into the subconscious without cue for retrieval.