For my digital story, I’ll be talking about my college experience and how I was able to fit in with people of different backgrounds and ethnicities here at the U. I’ll also be talking about how differently I approached academics as well as other day to day activities. I’ll talk about my college experience in general. I’m choosing to talk about this because coming to college is a big decision, at least in my opinion. I believe this decision is key to your future success. What feelings did I have coming to a big school like the U? How easy was my transition to college? How did my feelings from before differ with now? These are questions I hope to answer at the end of the course. Gathering information will not be difficult at all. I believe I just have to be myself and go along with my daily activities. In the end, I’ll be able to come up with a story based on my own experiences and challenges. This would be fun to tell because it won’t be fabricated or made up. I hope my story would be interesting and inspirational. I’m looking forward to working on my story.