Stephen Mohabir

Your Name:____Melvin Coleman_________________________
Videographer’s Name:__Stephen Mohabir______________________________

Point: What is the “point” of this digital story? Try to capture it in one phrase or one sentence if you can. 
(point of view is “defining the specific realization” the videographer is attempting to share in this digital story)

The point of Stephen’s story is to show his journey to college and how that has impacted his decisions.

Dramatic Question: Is there a dramatic question? If so, what is it? (dramatic questions create a tension that keeps people’s attention throughout a story)

I didn’t find any dramatic questions.

Emotion: Were you, the viewer, emotionally engaged? When? How did that moment(s) make you feel?

I was very engaged by the use of the soundtrack and media production.

Voice: What were your impressions of the videographer’s voice? (consider rhythm, pacing, tone, etc.)

The beginning of the story was very capturing and entertaining. The soundtrack and pictures provided an interesting picture of what the digital story would be like.

Soundtrack: Describe the soundtrack. Was it appropriate for the story? Do you have other recommendations?

The use of the soundtrack at the beginning of the story was very cool. It set the scene for a great story.

Economy: Describe the images that you saw. Was anything missing? Does anything need to be added (consider the assignment guidelines here as well)?

I think you need to add more pictures to show what you are talking about.

Pacing: Describe the pacing of the story; does it work in this instance? Do you think some sections need to breathe?

Overall, I was impressed with how you started the story and I think it really works.

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