The theme of unity has been in my thoughts. My beautiful fiance’s grandfather just passed. He was a God fearing man with intention, purpose, and most importantly love. Recently I have made it a point to call my great grandmother and connect with her. Not often can someone say they experience their great grandparents.. Its a blessing. As my family has gone through what all familes do, (loss, disagreement, separation, life..) one thing I do miss are the days when we would get together and love each other. Make it a mission of ours to be together for reasons bigger than holidays, funerals, weddings, or events. Just because. One goal of mine is to begin to open up the lanes of communication with those who god has provided to me as family. I want to find things that I can do with/for them and learn from them.

“IF you are aware of something that needs to be taken care of… DO IT. Build a conscienceness to see what you can do. You will build a charcter that will never let you down. There is one virtue to help you accomplish this. If you love yourself and your relatives”.

I pray that God’s will be done in the lives of my family and loved ones. I pray that we would live a life of purpose and unity so that we may see your kindom come on earth as it is in heaven.

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