Learning Real Estate From Movies

Coleman Fraley
Oct 13, 2018 · 4 min read

Out of all other good things about real estate business, having limitless options is the most attractive one. Such as buying and selling in a big or small town, investing in or out of state etc. Rental properties offer a lot of potential for owners to make passive income by renting the houses. It is a very profitable business, as one can keep doing his comfortable job and rent out a house to generate profit. Buying and owning property is rarely easy or simple. Renting out doesn’t mean to forget it. It’s also very essential for owners to check the property regularly. Real estate investing ensures a constant monthly income. The retirees just need to visit the rental property a few times and take care of the rental property. With this little effort they can keep themselves busy with some cash to spend.

One should learn the business from where ever it is possible. But the most interesting and amusing way of learning things is by watching movies. There are so many movies related to finance and real estate which can teach us a lot of “to dos” and “not to dos”. That is an easy and entertaining way of learning. Here are some movies that help learning the real estate business.

The money pit (1986)

This movie is a lifetime timeless lesson. It has a simple concept. It is based on some of the most important factors that should be considered when choosing an investment property. Walking blindly into the investment can go incredibly wrong. One should take out ample amount of time to inspect the property specially its physical condition. The physical condition matters a lot. It is the factor that pays back in the end. Along with this all other factors should also be given due importance.

99 Homes (2014)

Let’s not try bad investment but learn the consequences of a bad investment from a movie so we know everything ahead of time and never try it. The movie is an exaggerated lesson telling us what happens when sentiments and pride stand in the way while making decisions and investing in real estate. Taking a loss and moving on is a way of learning is real estate. In all of this one should not loose himself.

The big short (2015)

This movie highlights the mortgage crisis one can face. It shows the background story and consequences of a risky investment. Not all risky investments are successful. Some of these investments can lifetime issues. It is a tale of playing an economic forecast to an extreme level. Reading the market, evaluating the forecast and predicting the social and financial trends is an art that comes with experience. The words of the economist are not just words they are years of experience. With ages in the market they have learned to see through the blind spots.

Inside job (2010)

People dealing with the hazards of 2008 global financial crisis when trillions of dollars and millions of jobs were lost due to the great depression know the importance of knowledge and cautious practices to guide the financing strategies when investing in real estate. After all this, strict rules were implied on the financial industry guidelines. This makes the investment business even more tough. In such situations a potentially profiting deal proves to be the other way around.

Watch all these movies and learn some lifesaving hacks without losing nothing more than a few hours. It can save a lot of time, money and effort without losing much. Find a few more movies like this and enjoy the leisure time and business.

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