Vancouver Canucks Blog

Well, the season is coming to a close. The Canucks have been borderline horrendous this past stretch as it almost looks as though they’re tanking for that elusive high draft pick. As much as it pains me to see them lose, I do like the way the younger players are playing.

Brock Boeser is looking more and more like the kid that Canucks fan can rely on. With a goal in a very lop sided loss the only real bright spot of that hockey game. Nikolay Goldobin has been pressured to step it up, with a goal against the Kings his only one so far in the past couple of games.

All in all, a lot will change this off season. Willie looks like he’ll be on his way out of town after a tumultuous year. The Sedin’s only have a year left on their current contract, and it’s likely that an era will close sooner then we all hope. Loui Eriksson will look for a bounce back year in a Canucks sweater, and the team will heal up and come back strong next season. I look forward to next year, as it’ll be a fun year with more young players, although they won’t be as competitive as years past. Like this year, expect a lot of losses, but a lot of excitement as the team starts to take a new shape with Bo Horvat and company leading the charge.