Windy Night at Willowbrook

November 22nd was a dark and stormy night. Not a night where strolling around outside is necessarily a top priority. Watching the wind force its will on the trees and the rain starting to fall, I went to another shopping centre South of the Fraser. In an attempt to start my christmas shopping, I ended up in Willowbrook mall.

Like Guildford Town Centre the week prior, Christmas was in full swing. Although, as we near being only a month away from the special holiday it had become quite apparent that Christmas fever has struck. There were wreaths littered all around the ceilings of the pathways, and christmas trees all over. Unreal deal for ugly christmas sweaters in many of their clothing retailers, and special holiday chocolate gift baskets were all over as far as the eye can see. Did I ever start my Christmas shopping? Well, that’s a story for another time.

This is definitely one of my recommendations for any last minute shopping South of the Fraser. The atmosphere checks all the holiday boxes, and can keep you buzzing even if you near the end of your fumes. So whether the sun is blazing, or the lower mainland weather rains on your parade; A visit to Willowbrook Shopping centre should brighten up your day.