Northland Campus MWSU

Missouri Western State University has had a presence in the Northland of Kansas City at a satellite location operated by the Western Institute; this satellite location has been offering a few select courses for over twenty years.

The Northland campus exists primarily for two functions: to increase awareness of the Western brand amongst prospective students in the area and to offer a 2+2 program with Metropolitan Community College (MCC) where students who have completed a two-year Associate of Arts in Teaching degree finish their baccalaureate studies with Western in Elementary Education.

The head of the Northland satellite location, Dr. Gordon Mapley, Dean and Executive Director of the Institute, said while the bread-and-butter of this location is the 2+2 program, it does play other important roles.

“Having a presence in the Northland helps remind teachers who counsel students and parents who counsel students and students themselves that we (Western) are a viable option.”

The Northland location has also expanded what classes and courses are actually offered as well. This location has traditionally offered some graduate-level criminal justice classes and, this semester, added a course in accounting and a Masters in Information Management through the Craig School of Business.

Christa Byer, Marketing Coordinator and Analyst for the Institute, hopes the available classes and courses available at the Northland location continue to expand.

“I personally hope to see the program offerings at this location continue to grow. Increasing the number of programs will only serve to strengthen Missouri Western’s branding opportunities in the area.”

As the Northland continues growing, Mapley says it will be important for Western to maintain a presence for those students considering options nearby.

“The Northland area is an area of significant growth and there are literally thousands of students in the Northland area that we would like to come here.”

The Northland campus is approximately 40 minutes from the Saint Joseph campus.

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