The Problem with “NOT ALL WHITE PEOPLE”

Over representation of white people in power? Figures please.

We will all need the figures for population and then representation. Then we can all be enlightened by the facts, rather than just “the word”.

I just googled G20 and at the 2016 meeting photo shoot there were 34 leaders of power photographed. 19 were white. 34 at a G20 had me confused but hey, who am i to argue with the international press?

And here is the thing…..How is the world supposed to develop if the leaders from the most developed nations (which just happen to be white — arguably, because what is developed?) are not represented? How? Please explain.

Because if it didn’t happen in the previous 50,000 years it’s not going to happen in the next 50,000 years regardless of what colour your skin is. The truth is…wether you like it or not….that any development takes leadership.

If a nation is not developed then clearly it has no leadership or leadership that does not develop it in a way that is consistent with other developed countries. (or thinking if you want to get down to the nitty gritty)

And if the people who live in those countries or who are from those countries want change then they have to accept that they must be in a place or follow leaders that adhere to implementing the standards and qualities that they want. Trying to change the system to become the leader is like asking everyone to stop what they are doing and start doing something else.

If you do that and you dont offer a different alternative then people will just stay doing what they are doing following the same leader because you offer nothing to them other than being an outcast disciple in an undeveloped and underfunded idea or ideal.

Thats self impossed oppression and suffering.

If the current state of the world (good or bad) is (arguably again) down to white people then we have to look at both good and bad. But if we all want to focus on just the bad then lets just do it and see what happens. Lets forget all the good that white people have done.

The problem with most is that they do not understand leadership.

A leader leads. They do not sit around barking orders or making statements. They roll their sleeves up and show others how it’s done. They weild their sword first. They walk at the front of the line. That is leadership, that’s why the word has “lead” in it.

Speaking about who is and who is not is not the voice of the oppressed, it is the voice of either the disgruntled, the antagonist, or the person who would sit and order, entice others to do their work, their bidding. That is not a leader, that is a dictator.

That is why nothing changes becuase people do not follow a dictator. They follow a leader. They are oppressed by dictators. If you are being opressed it probably because you are following a dictator, not a leader.

And if the whole world is following a white ideal or wants what white people have then it is probably because white thinking or white whatever is what people want to follow, they are the leaders they want to be behind. They live a certain way that makes people want to live that way to, if that is what they want.

They don’t want to not have the internet, they don’t want to not have freedom of speech, they don’t want to not have the right to have access to education, housing, health etc.

Humanity has always had a leader and it is more than likely that they have been of every skin tone and been lead in all different ways. It just so happens that the current crop or current leader….is white and it’s tech based, industrial based etc. 10,000 years ago it was probably A black leader and we all followed a certain way of thinking and life style. But the sun comes up and the sun goes down and with each day there is a new way. Pretty simple stuff really.

Dictators come and go.

Don’t be a dictator, be a leader and lead.

But you’ll need to know where you are taking us all and you’ll have to convince us all that it is far better than having a roof, food, internet, education and living….because that’s what the current leader is leading us to and I dear say it’s all any other leader throughout history has been leading us to….and we are all still here aren’t we. Minus the few who have fallen victim to those who want to dictate all the time.

I have tried to keep the race tag out of this but just re-reading the last paragraph of your post I have to highlight just one little fact….just one in an ocean of facts that are all to often overlooked. If I am such a racist and this is the general thinking toward me….

“Not all white people! Reverse racism! You’re keeping racism alive! Don’t stereotype! You’re the real racist! What privilege? You need white people on your side! You are driving us away, you’re only shooting yourself in the foot! You’re race-baiting! Stop playing the victim! Get over it, it was so long ago!

But it was not long ago. It was yesterday, and today, and tomorrow. And I am trying to get a grip on how to navigate it.

Then I should simply start talking about the 1.25 million white slaves of the barbary trade….that was just yesterday. Today and tomorrow it’s called “Human Trafficking” and is pure racism.

Do you know what the real problem for me is?

White people are smart, hard working, intelligent, vocal and a lot of people admire that just like they admire those same qualities in Black, Asian, Indian, Native or any other race. But everyone wants to overlook all of that in favour of something else.

So it is not all white people and yes you are keeping racism alive, so deal with it. And I am not “on your side”. You are on my side because we are on the same side, so don’t forget that either.

So no it is not me…’s you who is screaming. Perhaps you can pipe down to give us some relief because clearly you have learnt nothing.

If I have been screaming for so long then ask yourself why? Why have my baby needs not been attended to by you? what kind of wise parent are you that has left me to scream on my own in this strange world devoid of love and compassion? What kind of humanity is it that I was born into that wishes that I stop screaming but does nothing to find out why I am screaming? Because isn’t your rant from the position that you know better, that you are wiser? If not then you are simply another screaming and crying baby in a cot next to me.

And in that case keep screaming and crying until someone either tends to you or you grow up.

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