Data Protection

Why is it crucial to protect your data?

Practices of data collection, storage and analysis have been vastly enhancing in the last decades with the help of the ever-improving technology. The period we currently live in can be thus appropriately described as “the new era of data growth.” As well as the fantastic developments in the technology sector ranging from artificial intelligence to blockchain technology, industries such as financial services, manufacturing, media, and entertainment also contribute immensely to the definition of this period as “the age of data.”

As stated by Dave Mosley, Seagate’s chief executive officer;

We are at…

The Future of Decentralized Finance: Blockchain Technology

With the proliferation of innovative technologies, a new financial model constructed by the decentralized applications has been increasingly finding popular ground, offering an alternative system for larger masses around the world especially for those still lagging to be part of the global economy. Although existing financial system created massive wealth in the global scale, its shaky centralized services dependent on traditional and central banks are more accessible for the people who have already best connected to the financial centers of the world with the help of their economically advantageous positions and vicinity. As global wealth is increasing in favor of…

The Advancemenent of Fintech

Many people are losing their faith in the existing financial services, the assumption that traditional institutions such as banks and governments are the root cause of many financial and economic crises has increasingly become more salient. Critical awareness about the long-term failures of the banks in providing a trustful financial transactions and remittances greatly increased after the global economic crisis of 2008. People who lost their trust in the banks and governments during the 2008 financial crisis started to look for alternatives for an answer to their trust crisis. …

Financial Inclusion

Approximately three billion unbanked adults all around the world in today’s world, or in other words a vast range of people, potential entrepreneurs, small enterprises and all sorts of professionals have little or no access to the financial services delivered by formal financial institutions. Therefore, they mostly face a threat of economic and social marginalization in the traditional markets, which only creates higher risks and higher costs for the population with the most needs. …

Blockchain Myths and Reality

As Blockchain technology holds the promise of revolutionizing the economic and social relations with the help of its technical potential improving the efficiency and reliability of financial transactions and exchanges of data, it is highly likely for this technology to become a “disruptive innovation” in the near future. Although blockchain originally emerged and found support in the tech community challenging the traditional financial model worldwide, there is still a need to emphasize the constructive sides of this technology as well as the disruptive ones. …

Background of P2P Financing

As a response to the long-term failures of traditional banks to fairly measure the creditworthiness of potential borrowers, many organization and businesses in Fintech sector are increasingly harnessing machine learning and AI to better gauge the creditworthiness of individuals. Unlike traditional financial institutions, these organizations are capable of taking into account so much more than solely people’s credit history when evaluating their credibility before offering a loan. Diverse data sources like social media accounts, text messages, and even locations data can provide rather reliable and accurate information about the customers of lending firms all around the world. As the methodologies…

A Look Inside The Colendi Token

As we are drawn closer to the biggest milestones of the Colendi Project, first one being the mainnet launch of the Colendi Decentralized Application, and the second one the Colendi Token Sale; we feel the necessity to clear up the doubts our community may have about the Colendi Application and Colendi Token details. Colendi Project is proud to present its Colendi Token, a formally approved token and defined as a utility token. This is a piece of very significant information that needs to resonate more within the blockchain and Colendi’s own community. …

Elections on Blockchain

The backbone of representative democracies, it is of the critical importance for governments and organizations to be able to prevent fraudulency in public elections. Upon considering the elections in terms of their impacts in the political and economic landscape of most states, it’s obvious that “sheltered” voting system is one of the urgent needs for the governments that aim setting up more democratic and trustworthy elections. Therefore, as a response to the diverse attempts to manipulate election results through foreign interference, lack of transparency, and various ballot tricks e.g, there have already been several methods implemented such as ballot-based voting…

Combating Global Poverty on Blockchain

As developments in technology and innovation sector pave the way for, on the one hand, more efficiency and transparency; on the other hand, lower costs in financial transactions in a global scale, the promise of driving “social impact” becomes a closer target for diverse industries. …

Colendi Weekly Update | 18–24 March

Weekly Update

Colendi Beta Dapp is featured in the Test flight for more than 2 months now and it has received many users from various regions of the world. Very soon, Colendi will announce the public version of its mobile application in both IOS and Android and all our community is more than welcome to try the Beta Dapp to share their opinions and feedback about our product. But, before diving it more into the product itself, let’s visit our other activities and see what we’ve been up to in the last week!

Important Media Update!!!


Decentralized credibility and microcredit

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