Do Something Fun

Swinging at Point Reyes

I did a few things that were fun, that I hadn’t planned on and don’t normally do. I went out to San Francisco, where I spent one day at a hike in camp site. We found a swing connected to a large tree on the way to the coast line. The rope was slightly frayed, but my friend and I still took turns swinging. I spent a ton of time on swings and in play grounds as a kid, and had a fun time bringing back that activity.

Board Games with Neighbors

I live in a cozy studio apartment in a converted Victorian in St. Paul. I started hanging out with my neighbors several months ago when they invited me rock climbing. They’re super fun, easy going people, and we’ve gotten on very well. When I told them I needed to do something fun for class when we had plans to hang out, they suggested pulling out some board games. I hadn’t played board games in forever, but used to enjoy them and played them with my family all the time. The first game they named ‘Finger Waggle’. A category was picked via card, and each person had to come up with something within the category that started with one of the letters on the game. There’s a timer, so it’s very much a think on your feet-hot potato sort of game. It was a ton of fun, and very fast paced. In the second game, two players shared a map that corresponded to a grid of cards laid out on the table. Each person had a set of cards that were theirs scattered across the board, like battle ship. The third person just guesses cards based on clues. The person giving the clues has one word and a number to get the person to guess. They could say something like countries, two, if say, Mexico and Chile were cards on the grid. If the person guessed incorrectly, they might hit a neutral party, which ends the turn, the assassin, which ends the game, or the other player’s card, in which case the opponent claims the card. The first person to have all their cards claimed wins. This was super fun because it involved guessing and figuring out how to best communicate with each other.

Mind Map Image

Drawn Mindmap

I decided to draw out my Mindmap before digitizing it. I din’t like the feel of the software, so it was nice to doodle it out. I spent a lot of time focusing on different aspects of health related to food. This is always on my mind because I manage Crohn’s primarily with food. As such topics related to food, waste systems, and food quality have become extremely important to me, and something that I think about daily. In addition to that, I thought a lot about cultural values. I’ve been traveling more lately, and have found that not all cultures are as ‘go, go, go’ as we are in the United States, or specifically here in the Twin Cities. I see this as really detrimental, and also see how it cycles into fast, processed food and creates on going health problems. And stress! So much stress. In addition to this, I’m also interested in the phenomenon of binge watching and Netflix. I think that this behavior is unhealthy, it distracts, and to constantly have noise/distraction is stressful, rather than a stress release. I’m also very interested in the idea that people need people like fish need water. Humans are ultra-social beings, and I’m interested in how that is played out, or not allowed, in society, especially as technology like social media and cellphones allow us to simultaneously connect and disconnect.

Mind Map Digitization

Digital Mindmap

After drawing out my Mindmap, I digitized it. I found the software sort of frustrating (my kingdom for control-z to work with it). However, I really enjoyed being able to refine my ideas, and be able to see and draw out the overlaps a bit better.

Suggested Themes

Netflix/Binge Watching: I think this topic is really relevant and interesting. I recently cancelled my Netflix account, and people’s reactions are generally along the lines of “WTF?”. Watching TV shows, and now, watching them for hours on end, has become a wide spread phenomenon. But why do we do this? What affects does it have on us? Our health? Socializing? How has it changed common knowledge and perception? Activity levels? Eye sight? Sleeping patterns — how many people fall asleep to shows?

Noise Pollution: Noise pollution can be a real problem. It takes away our time to calm down, relax, and recharge. It can put us on edge without even realizing it. Netflix can also play into this, as so many people fall asleep to shows. Or to music. Music, via Spotify or whatnot, is super easy to just keep on going. Where do people find moments of quiet? Should this be prioritized more?

Biome, Gut: My guts are a mess! Probiotics and different fermented foods help. There’s new interest in linking gut bacteria and the biome of the gut to disease and lifespan, as well as mental health. What happens to the bacteria in the gut when we live in sterilized environments and are sugar happy as a culture? How much of us, and our actions, tastes, health, etc, is actually determined by microbes rather than something we are truly in control over? How does one correct a faulty biome? Links to over use of antibiotics as kids?

10 Silly Ideas

Brainstorm for Silly Ideas

I decided to brain storm before coming up with my ideas, because I had no idea what to start with. I tried to think of things that either related to me, or health behaviors that people might do or deal with on a day to day basement.

Idea One: Heated Socks

I have a heated blanket, which keeps me warm in my apartment (I only pay for heat…so). I’m also a skier, and generally wish that there was something to keep my feet warm in the boots, which need to be very tight for optimal control. Also, Minnesota. Despite investing in boots that were supposedly rated for -30 F, my feet are always ice cubes during the winter. Part of wellbeing is being comfortable, and if they can make a heated blanket, why not heated socks?

Idea Two: DroneWare

I’ve seen a handful of Drones over the summer. Everyone eats. My sister recently had a kid, which has got me thinking of all sorts of baby/kid things, like trying to feed children with a spoon while making airplane noises. I also recently clicked on a Facebook link to some guy that turned his dead pet into a drone. So why not literally fly food to a kid, or to guests? Butlers are so passé.

Idea Three: Splatter Jump

Exercise and activity are important parts of health. I used to love jump roping as a kid, and drawing/coloring on sidewalks. Splatter painting is also super fun. Why not combine the two, so you can create splatter paint master pieces while you jump? That’s more fun than just jumping, right?

Idea Four: Cooking Cards

Cooking is really important for health and wellbeing. Getting people excited about cooking, and taking some of the anxiety out of it, is a little tricky. Make it fun by giving people easy to follow, as they go instructions. Giving people decks of recipe cards that play instructions aloud would be way more fun and easy going. Morgan Freeman could narrate. People could trade cards. There could be progressive learning cards. Recipes to beats! I’ll spend hours looking for recipes, and this could reduce the time.

Idea Five: Cookie Muncher

Sometimes self control is hard. I have a chocolate problem, and will pretty much eat all of it if it’s in the house. Like a cookie monster. Wouldn’t it be nice if something gave you a helping hand to limit your cookie consumption? Like a monster head with fairly sharp teeth that starts gnawing on you if you take from the cookie jar too often.

Idea Six: Mood Bandana

I was really into mood rings as a kid. It’s also important to let people know how you’re feeling. Maybe you want to warn them before they even talk to you. Maybe you’re a bit shy, and showing is easier than saying. Why not literally wear your mood on your sleeve? I feel like cats are really in right now. So I made the faces a bit cat like.

Idea Seven: Chug-a-lug-a-phant

I quit smoking by focusing on drinking a TON of water, and marking down every time I drank 8oz. I had never paid that much attention to my hydration. I don’t think a lot of people do. Compared to soda, coffee, juice, water can be kind of boring. I had an entire class yell chug (including a teacher) at me in high school when I was drinking a water bottle. They applauded when I finished it, and it was super fun and I felt accomplished afterwards. What if a water bottle did that for you?

Idea Eight: Cuddle Bear

Stress sucks, and can interfere with sleep. I can’t sleep if there’s too much light. If I’m really stressed, I sometimes sort of hug myself to relax enough to fall asleep. Kids hold onto teddybears and stuffed animals for comfort to sleep. What if the teddybear held you? Different pressure settings for different folks. Warm, cuddle-y. Relaxing.

Idea Nine: Apple-a-Day

I’ve been on a ton of medications and I hate having all the bottles out. It’s really annoying and takes up a ton of space. I’ve been meaning to buy a weekly pill box for ages, just to clean up my counter. Also, I think about food as medicine, a lot. So why not create a large scale pill box decoration to house apples? Keep the doctor away in style.

Idea Ten: Synth-a-Clock

I wake up SLOWLY. I usually have to get out of bed, turn on my lights, and put on something with noise in order to wake up. I hit snooze for about 30 minutes. No matter what. How you wake up can set the course for your day. So can getting enough vitamin D. I have some plants, which are also very concerned with sunlight…So why not have a ‘happy light’, plant look alike alarm clock that gives you some transition time? Gets louder and brighter as the time goes on, so you can start your day off right.


9/22- Do Something fun

9/23- Mind Map and Digitization

9/24- Suggested themes

9/25- 1o Silly Ideas

9/26- Scan photos and blog, finish blog as needed 9/27

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