Sarah Lempa

Hey Sarah,

I really liked that a lot of your ideas were clear solutions to common health and wellbeing related problems. Like pocket sized toilet sanitizer — I was like, oh, I’ve never heard of that being a product, but DUH IT SHOULD BE. On the flip side of that, I wish you had gone beyond that point with more of your ideas. I wish that you had more fun, crazy, weird, or eccentric ideas — like the flask with a BAC reader. I wanted to see you push more in that direction. I think it would be really interesting to see you have these sort of outlandish ideas, and then cut down from those using your clear skills in determining problems and viable solutions. What if you pushed by making a sort of game? Like, if you took a whole bunch of your beginning ideas and wrote them on scraps of paper and then pulled two or three out of a hat and tried to combine them?