Last Fallen Ash — Prologue

An Open Journey in Writing My First Book

The deepest sadness we have ever known in our lifetimes. A hurricane of evolution and change never before seen by any generation before us. An unmatched fear of what has begun and what is to come. Hope rising from the ashes of destruction at the opportunity to change the world in a greater way than ever before.

These are the four stages of the first age. This is my warning; my preparation.

It was the human need for power and domination that spawned the enemy which would deal to us the hand containing a death blow of unfathomed proportion. Such a dark and heavy day was this. As the blue fires burned, releasing the parasite, some perished, while others were left untouched and unknowing of what was to come. In the end, the result was the same. We were left to mourn over fields of silent ash.

Those of us that survived were taken in other ways. For some, being among the living presented itself with a weight too heavy to bear and so chose to leave this life and make haste to the other side. Any doubt in their minds as to what awaited in death made no matter. Even a permanent sleep was relief from the guilt. Ceasing to exist, for some, was better than the guilt of living. For those of us who chose to remain here, we did not foresee the coming change.

The unleashed parasite was unlike anything we had ever seen. Nothing before it came close to matching the change this one carried. As it made its way in the wind, it found no barrier. Air to skin to water to mere shared space. As simple as that it made its way into every life form known to us. Once there, the visitor made a home in the very DNA of all living things. There was no cure. Not even death, save a few who even through that end could find no way to separate themselves from the parasite within.

Everything changed in the aftermath of the spread. Changes ranged from heightened intelligence to enhanced senses, and in some cases physical mutations. There were then those of us who experienced the “completion”: evolved and enhanced in the most peculiar of ways. And in some cases, cursed.

Over the years, as we became accustomed to the changes, we began to leverage them to the best of our abilities. Some to help and create change, and others to destroy and conquer. There will always be an ebb and flow between the two. One thing is for sure though. The world is changed. There is less division between us. The hard separation between country and state has blurred. Growth and technology have risen to new levels with minds and bodies evolving as they have. A certain maintained balance, while ever changing, is a difference from the rise of both in the past: the rise that some say started this age.

While there are battles that rage on, the human race is united unlike any time before. There is a new hope that things have changed for the best. That we have risen from the ashes.

- Book of the Seer, First Age