and so it begins… gen z has a name and we want there money

It’s time to update your pitch deck | Image Source: U.S.C.B. via Mashable

As a marketer, I try to follow trends very closely, and I am proud of myself when I can distinguish a trend from a fad. Not that this is all that new, but I would have to say that we can already identify three trends that will shape the next generation: (1) They will be more open and willing to share their lives and information with brands and each other, (2) while also being the most scrutinizing of the brands they align with — they will demand that the products and services they spend their money on be perfect. (3) And as with every other generation prior, they will be the most diverse group of people that marketers will get to talk to — creating both challenges and opportunities.

With that in mind, we as marketers are already busting our brains to think of ways to capture this audience. So, during the remainder of 2015, I am going to attempt to track down 6 marketers who are thinking about Gen Z, or the “Homeland Generation”, and get their thoughts on what’s to come.

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