Great article. I am trying to get the very same setup, but i am having massive issues.
Logan Hall

Hi Logan! Great questions :) I’ll give you two answers — both of which are going to require a bit of tech work.

  1. Integrate your Branch setup with your internal data warehouse. For example, if you’re using a SQL database to track down the funnel conversion events, link Branch marketing data (like source, campaign ID, etc) so you can measure how effective each of your campaigns are performing. Then, you’ll be able to generate a report to see how much money you’re actually making from your specific Facebook campaigns to make adjustments either in Power Editor or Adesspresso.
  2. Setup the Facebook SDK to track conversion events. This way all of your data will be kept in Facebook and you’ll be able to report and make decisions off the events there. Make sure that if you choose this, you use standard event names from Facebook (e.g. “Achievement Unlocked”) versus custom event names (e.g. “10 Gold Coins Unlocked”).

I hope this is helpful! If you have any other configuration questions (or if you want a FB optimization platform with a bit more heft than Adespresso) feel free to message me anytime through live chat on my website:


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