College students/young adults - PAY ATTENTION!! I know some of you are looking for a part time job to work during your summer question is WHY? Why not start your own business, that affords you the flexibility you want, and will continue to build an income that far exceeds what any part time (and in many cases, full time!) job will pay you? I'll tell you what...knowing what I know NOW, if an opportunity like this presented itself to me when I was just starting out in the adult world of employment and the growing list of financial responsibilities I was taking on, I would have jumped into this with BOTH FEET and let out a rebel yell! 🙌🏻

Check out Claire's story...she is an 18 year old college student earning $x,xxx a month part time as an R+F Consultant. My team mate, Makenzi, introduced Claire to the opportunity that would forever change her life and her future:

"Makenzi messaged me on Facebook and reached out to me about trying a regimen. At the time, I had horrible acne that I attempted to cover up every day with pounds of foundation (now that I look back, this clearly wasn't helping the issue!!). I had been to my dermatologist three times in the six months prior to talking to Makenzi. I tried one prescription pill and two prescription topical creams. I also tried multiple over the counter products from Target. NOTHING had worked for my skin. When she messaged me, I thought "okay, why not?" I ordered Unblemish that night and my skin was clearer than it had ever been in just shy of a month!

WELL, I wasn't the only one who noticed changes in my skin. Everyone was asking what I was doing and why my face was so clear. I even began to wear no make up to school because my acne was practically non existent. I was talking Unblemish up to anyone who asked. Then, a light clicked on in my brain. I realized that people were wanting an acne treatment that actually worked and I could have access to giving them just that! I messaged Makenzi right away asking if I could become a Consultant. She said that I had to be 18, I was 17 at the time. So I waited and waited until my 18th birthday.

Fast forward eight months from the day I signed up, and I am now a Level V?!? WHAT?! I'm still shocked! I am a full time college student and college athlete, I have two other jobs, and yet I still found time to work this business because I knew the potential was huge. Bottom line is that this business model is made for already busy people. I now am not only making 4 figure monthly checks, but I am also helping others do the same all while getting INCREDIBLE skin! I'm helping others restore their confidence! I'm helping others achieve time and financial freedom! What's better than that? NOT MUCH. [?]

I'm beyond words thankful that Makenzi messaged me about Unblemish. Without it, I wouldn't be where I am today as the youngest Level V achiever of 32,000+ consultants. This business is a blessing and I will never stop running with it! At 18 years old, I am securing my financial future- all thanks to some acne!"

Are you ready to take the leap?! I love to see young women and men make smart, life changing decisions. This is one of those decisions. If you are ready, I'm committed the helping you grow and succeed. Just imagine how different your life will look in the coming years, just by making one amazing decision? #AllAboard #ChangeYourFuture #YourFutureSelfWillThankYou #YoungEntrepreneurs
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