Media Lit Post #1 — Monopolization of Media

1) Based on the documentary, monopolization of media is a problem for our society because it limits what we know. One example is that if all media is controlled by only a few people we only receive the ideas of those couple people, rather than having many different owners and many different ideas. Another example is if all the major owners like one thing over another they’re only going to inform us about the pros of the things they like and the cons of the things they don’t. We will never be informed of all the pros and cons of both what they like and dislike because no one is going to tell you all the bad things about something they support and also want you to support. Finally, monopolization of media could impact us poorly because if only a few people control the media they’ll never make an effort to improve because they’re not competing with many other media owners.

2) Less restricted access to information is more important because as citizens we should be able to access all types of information so that we know everything we possibly can. It’s important for us to know more because if we don’t like something we need to be informed that it is happening and we need to be able to make a change if we want to. If our information is restricted we won’t know as much as we should and we won’t be able to make changes that we may want to make.

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