3 Crucial Skills For Management

Skills taught by Tony Robbins and Many Others!

There is a wealth of knowledge I have been fortunate enough to surround myself with over the last half a decade or so and I want to break down my last 7 years in management for you into the 3 Most Crucial Skills To Learn For Management.

  1. ) Adapting

As managers and business owners or any one that is a position of leadership the ability to adapt is so beyond crucial I can’t put it into one article. I am going to attempt to though… Let’s Paint a picture. You’re in a management seat in a company and you have some employees to over see. You’ve been managing for awhile now and you’ve had the exact same process you’ve used for ever! However, over the last few years there has been some growth in technology, communication, and just how the industry is evolving. Do you continue to do things exactly like you have been? Or do you begin innovating to fit the changing environment and growth in technology and your industry? The ability to adapt and change for growth is powerful. Be apart of that growth!

2.) Decision Making

This seems extremely easy right? We all make decisions every single day. What we wear, eat, who we talk to… We make decisions that impact us every single day. What about those decisions that are challenging? It could be a multi million dollar decision you’re forced to make on the spot, or it could be a decision that would effect someone’s entire life for ever. As managers and business owners we’re forced every day to make decisions and some of them are quite large. The ability to make an extremely challenging decision and stand by it is crucial and you must be able to stomach it. The best way to feel confident in every decision you make is to be knowledgeable in your industry and especially your company and confident in yourself. If you lack on either of these it is tough to make those decisions and then stick by them.

3.) Strength

You must display a strong image. This doesn’t mean you hit the gym 6 days a week or you rule with an iron fist. Strength in business means you’re extremely confident, knowledgeable, and have an ability to pave a path for people to follow. This is a skill that is rarely able to be taught and mostly is learned through a combination of experience and inheritance. To be strong means to show up with a mindset that reflects “There is no problem’s only solutions, there is no failure only lessons, there is no negative only positive.” Pitbull lives by this and is one of the strongest entrepreneurs in the game right now! Strengthen your mindset, strengthen your life, strengthen your ability to lead.

Cole VanDeWoestyne


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