3 Crucial Steps To Sell Your Courses

No, This Isn’t A Marketing Strategy… This Is Sales.

As someone who had started 100% on the sales side of life I have an extremely unique perspective as I am now dipping into the marketing side of things. I believe it does require a large amount of skill to be a good marketer and an even larger amount of skill to be a great marketer.

However, if you’re marketing you’re own products… being an extraordinary sales person is going to be crucial to pick up the sales here or there and really revolutionize the way your customers see your brand.

You see… marketers like yourself utilize Facebook quite a bit… and when you use Facebook you’re bound to get questions. The same goes for Instagram or Twitter.

Being able to handle them precisely is key. Hell even if you’re running an email campaign sometimes you’re going to get a reply asking for more details. Being able to convert them yourself is powerful, because there will be times where jumping on the phone with them to close the sale is going to happen.

Start With Mindset

Your prospects that are inbound and asking for more information or just need a little extra push to purchase because they didn’t buy into your ad copy… They just need help making a decision. You actually wouldn’t believe how simple it really is to get someone to shift their mind into “Yeah I made a yes decision.”

When a prospect wants to go beyond your CTA’s and direct messages you or request a phone call you only need to respond with this simple sentence.

“What made you decide to reach out?”

This sentence shifts their mind into where you need it. “Yes I made a decision to reach out, here’s why.”

Don’t Buy Their Problem Without Validating It.

A lot of times people have a problem and they’re so unsure what the actual problem is. They think they may know… but not always. So you have to ask some intelligent and precise questions to ensure you’re heading down the right path in order to properly provide the value they need to see.

For an example if you sell social media marketing… Your go to sales pitch may be about social media presence… what they may actually need to see is how they can actually convert customers utilizing social media instead of just having a presence online to be noticed.

Adding A Sales Skill Is Huge

Not just because you’ll sell more products or services… you’ll start shifting your mind from the marketing stand point and blend it with a true sales perspective and that in turn provides a much stronger back ground for content creation for you, your products, and even your marketing. I’ve never met anyone who has learned sales then sold less products… Keep this in mind!

This isn’t some over the top marketing strategy… this is just building yourself up as a true sales professional so you have the maximum amount of confidence needed to dominate the market place in your micro niche.