How to make your job suck less…

A few tips to make work not suck

You’re in a dead sleep and are suddenly woken up by your alarm clock. “Should I just hit snooze and say fuck it today? or do I get up and go to work?” We’ve all been there. You wake up, get ready and head for work. The entire way there you’re listening to music trying to figure out exactly what there is to do the moment you get off work. Why? Because you dread being at work. I get it, I’ve been there believe me. Maybe there’s just someone there you just can’t stand, or the customers are just awful, or maybe you’d just rather be doing other shit. What if I told you there is a quick, simple, free way to change how you feel about work every single day? Follow these few steps and change your entire out look about going to work!

Step 1. Get over it.

Sounds easy doesn’t it? If you truly hate your job, find a new one. Most Americans work less than 40 hours in a week Which leaves over 50 hours for you to find another job. If you just like to bitch about your job I have some good news for you! Fix it or get over it. If you dislike the way your manager does things, start asking questions about why they made those decisions so you can better understand. This does not mean start doubting every move that is made, it simply means the next decision that is made by your manager that you may not agree with simply ask “why?” Be non confrontational about it. “Hey Mr. Manager, I was just curious how you came to your decision you recently made so I can better understand.” Is the most polite and direct way to ask. You’ll start to get a better understanding as to why they made their decision. Also if they did make a decision they weren’t totally on board with, but it fits within the company policy you’ll know. So there are ways to go about confronting something you disagree with without losing your job or being an asshole.

Step 2. Mindset

This can be such a simple shift in your thinking! Yes you may be just chugging along at your job until you finish that certification to land that dream job, or maybe you’re trying to figure life out and in the mean time you’re working some job you think doesn’t matter. If you change your mindset from “this won’t last long” to “I’m going to make the best of this” opportunities for things you really want will open up, and even help you wouldn’t expect to be there will suddenly show itself. A perfect example of this was a job I had when I was 18 years old. I busted my butt every day and moved through the ranks, I knew it wasn’t a permanant job but I was determined that if I was going to show up and spend time there that I was going to be the best at what I did and learn everything I could. Eventually this led to a lot of job opportunities. I remember at one point I was offered six or seven jobs in one day, it was insane. I had a lot of random people offer up help when I started looking for a career or even help getting into college if I needed it. Most importantly my boss, his boss, and his bosses boss were all willing to write me a letter of recommendation when the time had come for me to look for a new job. Just because I decided I was going to be happy, and be the best at what I was doing. I wasn’t any more talented than the other guys I worked with, I just cared. So start caring about the job you do even if you don’t want to do it for very long. Trust me it will pay off big time.

Step 3. Bad Days

We all have bad days, I get it. I have a lot more bad days than good days, but if you asked anyone I worked with or the clients I interacted with they would never know. I got to work and shined positivity. Why? What if I had an encounter with someone who also was having a bad day? My bad mood wouldn’t help them have a better day it only made it worse right? This doesn’t mean you throw a fake smile and dance for everyone, but do your best to leave your shitty attitude at the door and make sure you put on a show for your customers so they have a good experience and a better day when they leave your prescence. I know it’s tough, but it makes a world of difference and can even make your day better too!