My last 90 days

Why my last 90 days matters to you…

My last 90 days have been the most productive, successful, and amazing 90 days I have lived. It began with a phone call from the famous Trevor Crane the best selling author to many many books and owner of a large publishing company. Trevor does a lot of things, and the phone call I had with Trevor on December 20th went a direction neither of us were expecting. It was supposed to be a 30 minute strategy session where we were going to align myself to write the correct book in a short amount of time and launch a Best Selling Author campaign. Instead, that 30 minute strategy session turned into a much deeper, much more powerful and productive life advice call. I had spent 6 months writing a book I thought for certain would sell 100’s of thousands of copies. Guess what? I was writing the entire wrong book, actually I was writing the book for the complete wrong reasons. This was my most recent, most intense wake up call I had received over the last few years. During that call I received a lot of clarity. I was asked questions no one had ever asked me before. I for once had no clue why on earth I had been doing the things I was doing. I had no purpose for anything and that is when I realized I needed to become realigned with myself. Fast forward 30 days and I had quit my job with a fat guarantee plus commission and a path to what I had thought was my ultimate goal… Running my own dealership. This was clear cut, exactly what I had asked for just weeks prior to that phone call. Now I didn’t even want to consider it. I realized that I was stressed, unhappy, and just flat out not making any progress where I was and needed an immediate change. Now I didn’t go radical by any means and move across the world yet. I decided to take a sales job at a Chevrolet dealership with a lot less intense and stressed atmosphere than where I was at before. I knew this is what I needed to do because I was still figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I started reading more, exercising a little bit, and eating healthier than I had been (I still eat terribly just not as terribly.) I now had more time to think about life and what I truly wanted out of it not forced situations and clouded judgment. I felt like it had all floated away magically. Fast forward another few weeks and I had made the decision to drive 13 hours down to Texas to meet Hardcore Closer AKA Ryan Stewman. I had made the decision to invest in some learning and mentors. I met amazing people, I was in a mind set that I had never experienced before. I was beyond clear minded, open minded, and creative. This was the type of crowd I needed to be around and I was going to make the decision that this was going to be my life from now on. I will surround myself with people who give a fuck about me and want to grow with me and cut everyone else out. Why? Because I simply don’t have the time to deal with the negative people in my life. The “Still” people. “Still unhappy, broke, tired, sad, made, angry, yadda yadda.” The people who just won’t be happy. There is absolutely nothing wrong with them, but I know who I am and it brings me down. I can’t be around them because it absolutely kills me. That day I met Ryan and his team in Texas was the “AHA” moment that we all have either seen or had before. A lot of key words were said to me and a lot of advice was thrown my way. I began realizing more and more as the day went on and finally “BAM” I knew what I needed to do. My purpose smacked me on the head and said “Yoohoo, I’m right here” This was a few weeks ago and my mind hasn’t stopped focusing on it. I’m going to be able to use over a half of a decade of experience to help businesses grow their employees happiness, ability, and production. I’m excited about it. All of this has happened in the last 90 days. Can you believe it? How can you change your life by making a decision today that will start your moment for the next 90 days?

Cole VanDeWoestyne

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