5 Steps To Give Great Advice

So People Will Listen and Apply It.

First and foremost I want to put a small disclaimer in here as I am extremely understanding to know that I am not the end all be all when it comes to advice…

However, these are a lot of the steps that I’ve learned over the years from terrible experiences on both sides of the coin and good experiences as well.

Live it.

In order to give someone advice… you must have lived through their situation. Otherwise how on earth do you know exactly how to handle their problem at hand? It can be tough to give advice from a standpoint of guessing… sure you could read a few articles or watch a few videos… but that doesn’t give you the best position to then give advice from. You have to actually experience it in your own life.

Learn It.

After you’ve lived through a situation you must learn from the situation. You should have a good idea of all of the different perspectives now that you have gone through that experience… but you should most certainly look to live through the experience multiple times to learn all of the different out comes.

Read The Conversation.

This is extremely challenging. Understanding when to give advice to another person can be one of the most challenging social ques that we run into. Not everyone wants the others advice. Just because your mind is racing and “you know the right answer” doesn’t automatically mean they want to hear you speak it. Sometimes, just like you… they want to live it and learn it too.

Only Give When Asked.

If you’re unable to pick up social ques properly, then giving advice only when asked for your advice is the best way to go about it. The down side? Well… not a lot of people ask for advice all that often. For those of us who give advice on a regular basis… we’ve discovered that when giving advice… the other person doesn’t always take it. That’s okay, you’ve done your part.

Don’t Force It.

Forcing advice down someones throat is just a surefire way to piss someone off. If you picked up on the social ques wrong or maybe you just wanted to throw your advice their way just because… and you’re not getting the response you were hoping for… let it go. Don’t try and force advice, it will be received by those who are willing to receive it.