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Pitbull’s Outlook on Life is Incredible…

I had the pleasure of sitting and listening to Pitbull tell his life story on Sunday and I am thoroughly impressed. I had no idea some of the things he had gone through, obstacles he had to over come and his outlook on life. Pitbull was living in Cuba at a young age, his family escaped and they had moved to a few places before residing in Miami. He lived a poor life, dabbled in bad things, and desperately wanted a way out. He found music and never looked back. A lot of people would say Pitbull has “Made It”. If you ask Pitbull… He hasn’t made it and he never will. He believes in continuing the success every single day. What struck me the most were these three quotes.

“There is no such thing as problems. ONLY solutions.”

“There is no such thing as failure. ONLY Lessons Learned”

“I’m turning all of the negatives in my life and making them positive.”


“Replace our expectations with Appreciation.”

Pitbull has made it his life mission to be happy. Shouldn’t we do the same? There is more to any given moment, situation, or circumstance than what we originally perceive. So take one lesson from Pitbull and find a positive outlook on it and watch your life change.

Cole VanDeWoestyne



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