Firebase Costs Increased by 7,000%!

I feel your pain and try to give yourself a break. This changing of the rules is not unusual it has happened before. Let me tell you a story. Back in the late nighties I was writing software on a platform using Oracle as our database. Oracle’s model was the old client server model and they used to charge people by the number of active connections into their database. We developed software that was managing phone calls but dipped into a database for billing, recording call details etc. We front ended our system with sockets and message queues to do this because a session for the whole phone call was stupid when we needed a few seconds of lookup. Well one day Oracle came in and audited us and they determined our 20 user oracle database was supporting many customers and we were cheating them. The said that each customer (actually just prepaid phone cars with no name ) would have to pay $128 each per year ( for a $20 card ). We pointed out that this was somewhere in the region of $500 million dollars a year and asked them for the invoice just for the laugh. Later they came out with CPU pricing which was still expensive but at least had some rational. Charge on my friend you can’t blame yourself for being more successful than you hoped

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