Panorama — challenges facing home care
Care Quality Commission

Dear Andrea

One of your key messages is that when good care is found from regulated providers, too often is the result of the way front line staff work which they do despite, not because of, the system. I am sure you will agree that the commissioning process — at both the individual and strategic levels — are a vital part of that system. Below is a link to an article published this month in BASW’s magazine that addresses the systemic issues in a fresh light.

It sets out an analysis of why the commissioning process has been and remains so depersonalised and disempowering and what needs to happen for it to change. It calls for the end of the era of eligibility policies, to be replaced with a person centred approach to resource allocation. This will enable a personalised approach to practice, but still deliver within budgets. It would have significant implications for providers as the article identifies. However, I am sure they are changes you would welcome as someone with a declared passion to bring about much improved support and care for people.

The article is magazine style. Attached are a couple of academic articles that Professor Beresford and I have published that explore the evidence and argument in a little more depth if that would be helpful to you.

I urge you to read the article and reflect upon the messages. I would be happy to explore these issues in greater depth with you. We would very much welcome knowing your thoughts, which could only help to shape our own thinking as we seek to inform to the best of our ability the national narrative.

Your sincerely

Colin Slasberg, CQSW
Independent Consultant in Social Care

Mob: 07599 811 653
Tel: 01279 860601

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