Key Processes to Deliver Quality Chicken

In the kitchen Chick-Fil-A, we pride ourselves with serving excellent food on a consistent basis. Chick-Fil-A chicken, the one item our name and decades of quality service is tied to, consists of little more than chicken, bread, and eggs. Correctly breaded chicken sandwiches, nuggets, or strips is the heart of the Chick-Fil-A dining experience. Repeating the process on a consistent basis is critical in order to leave guests satisfied and served beyond their expectations, add to our legacy, and ultimately, make a profit.

There are many key processes that go into making chicken and serving it in a satisfying manner on a consistent basis: the thawing process delivers enough but not too much chicken on a daily basis, the breading process adds the flavor, texture, and character, the cooking process ensures a safe product is prepared, and the kanban system allows for hot, quality chicken to be delivered consistently.