Me, A Chill Girl With No Feelings
Gabbi Boyd

I admit I’m confused. I can’t tell whether you are being ironic by suggesting that your behaviour is unusual or excessive. What you describe is really typical for most young people right? Certainly not crazy. Maybe how quickly your anxiety and response get triggered make you think you are ‘crazy’. I don’t think you are mentally unwell from what you say.

The solution to your concern is perhaps revising what you think you and your partner or friend are responsible for. Read Anthony de Mello (‘Awareness’ is an easy read) and reboot your relationship with yourself so you can recognize what you are doing and why. In short, no one is responsible for your happiness nor should they be able to manage it and this is true for you as well (managing others). We are all separate beings. No one can read minds so how we react to and receive other people’s words and actions are entirely subjective— a response to our own anxieties and experiences of life. Don’t wander around in a fog thinking that your happiness depends on others or that theirs depends on you. Live a good, ethical, responsible life and enjoy your own sensory input. When you have the energy, help others who are in a fog.

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