How I became a Crypto Quadrillionaire without writing a single line of code…

Just before the Deconomy event in Seoul last April, a few of us nihilists had arrived early.

After several beers and pizzas we concocted a really dumb coin that was so silly, that there is no way it could exist: enter Pitch Token. The gist of it is: someone who wants to pitch an idea to you, has to first pay you in pitch tokens. And then, if the investor likes the idea, the investor will invest pitch tokens back into your company. And you can’t sell the pitch tokens for less than they were bought for because of a centralized order book: all pump, no dump! Circular flow of a useless coin!

Well, a few of us decided to spread the good word of pitch token at Deconomy. And after Day 1, one of us had the bright idea to Google it (yours truly). Turns out that someone already made it and even did an ICO with that Pitch name. Sad, there is no more satire in this world : (

So not missing a stride, Tim did what anyone else would have in his shoes: announced a fork, Pitch Token Klassic, which is more in-line with the original fake philosophy but this time, with negative gamma block times. And also DLT all the way down. Just wait for the grey paper and squiggly maths.

The anticipation was killing me!
Such supply, very wow!
PTK: Round 2
Always choose an appropriate name for your wallets.
Instex != ready for primetime
TokenJar doing it right!
Those stats!
Full Quadrillionaire Mode
Should probably have put that in log scale.
Fingers crossed…



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