Tips for Instagram’s New Algorithm

Getting noticed in a non-linear timeline

We all know that Instagram has changed their algorithm so that posts don’t appear as they were posted. Many accounts have taken a hit in exposure and interaction because not every one of their posts are being seen. It is now harder than ever to get noticed on the biggest social media platform. Although I don’t hold the secrets I have noticed a few things in my time running social media accounts.

1) TAKE VERTICAL PHOTOS: yes, I know. If you google this there will be tons of articles telling you to take pictures in landscape mode for a variety of reasons. If you want to get noticed on Instagram with more and more people posting – you need to take up more room. Nobody is scrolling down Instagram in landscape mode. Post upright, tall, vertical pictures that capture the user’s entire screen. It’s just a fact that they are more likely to see it and there is a larger area for them to double tap.

2) POST AT 2:30 AM: maybe I should have titled this article “counter-intuitive advice”. However I can’t help but notice that I get up to three times the interactions on most of my pages when I post past midnight – as opposed to during the day. Most social media gurus will suggest finding the time that your audience is looking at their phone during the work day. I’ve found that more and more people are night owls, checking their phones during the night, or checking social media as soon as they wake up. Having content during those late-night and early-morning time slots has proven to be more and more valuable. Stop trying to compete with all of the noise and big companies/brands that only post during work hours. Use your entrepreneurship and freelancing abilities to post at unorthodox times to garner the most attention.

Instagram and social media are confusing. As I continue to navigate through these murky waters I will share more tips and tricks. Thank you for reading.