Keep up the extra work

All of your ventures are productive. Keep creating. You might work for someone to get paid. You may also (or only) work for yourself. If its freelance work and you can monetize your creative efforts, great. But if not, if you spend your time on other creative projects — speculative competitions, self-led artistic explorations, or whatever else it may be, this is good.

Designers in all fields — remember that design is exploration. In the middle of a deadline with nothing but execution ahead this statement may sound like an idealization, but do what you can to remember it. This is a great time to explore other mediums simultaneously. Or at least daydream of plans for less structured projects.

Creativity can thrive under restrictions. solving a specific problem is a quantifiable part of the creative process. when you solve the problem, you have finished the process. You have created. It is an objective measure of failure and success, but keep exploring. Out in the open is where the beginnings of a great idea may be waiting. Move between structure and lightness, and explore both with equal rigor. Think about your crazy ideas when you are at work and think about work when you are painting. The two opposites of the creative process have powerful opportunities to inform each other, and the movement between the two can become fluid.

The well known and well respected architect, Steven Holl has come to be known for his water colors almost as much as his architecture. Painting is an important part of his exploration that ends in a physical, practical, building. About his process he says — “There is a joy in this way of beginning, it’s inspiring and light, and I feel it’s in my blood. I open my eyes. Its a new unpredictable day; I have a yearning and its unappeasable sometimes.

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Colin Carpentar is currently living and working in New York City as an architect.

K/REATE is the professional association for art founded by members of the Korean who are working in Creative fields. We are based on Seoul, London and New York. Our members are Artists, Designers, Dancers, Musicians and so on. Regardless of these awesome back grounds, we will think and suggest creative solutions for social issues and help our students in the name of K/REATE.

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