Don’t say these, If you have finally decided to “QUIT”

So, You finally have made the decision that it’s time to move on.

Sometimes it’s a great to move on if you feel that the place where you are working is not the right place. It is really a tough decision.

The quitting is not enough. You should know how to quit. This is important as your colleague and boss will be the best reference for your next move. Don’t spoil your workplace relation just because you don’t like to work there. “Don’t burn the bridge”

Don’t say these if you have decided to leave or even resigned:

“I’m leaving…RIGHT NOW.”

“You are the worst boss I have ever worked for”

“You are not capable of managing people”

“Everybody is frustrated here”

“Best of Luck. Your business is like a sinking ship”

“I have never been given an opportunity to show my potential”

“I did my work very well, but I was not rewarded or never even bothered to appreciate”

“Nobody is happy here, There will leave soon one by one”

“I was underpaid.” Or “I deserve a lot more compensation than I’m paid right now.”

“Your product or service is not up to the mark”

“You will regret after I leave”

You might be wondering “who will say this” but my friend, this is real life example. If you ask your colleague or friends, you might come to know that, how they have burned their career bridge by saying above statements.

Before leaving a job you should consider to maintain a professional relationship with your current boss and coworkers, as this will help you to make your career bridge.


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