Darico in 2019

Best wishes to everyone. I hope 2019 will be a better year for crypto than 2018 has been.

At least Darico is off to a good start. This week, another wave of Darican Program tasks was verified by the Darico team, so many of its contributors have received their well-earned EXP points and DEC tokens. 
Slowly but steadily people are climbing the ranks on the leaderboard. The top 25 most active Darican Knights have already been rewarded for their hard work with even more EXP and DEC.

Furthermore, the snapshot for the DECS airdrop has already taken place (on Dec 27th) and this week, all DEC holders will receive their TDECS, which are temporary tokens which serve as proof of ownership of the DEC in their wallet. Holders will be able to transfer their DEC to the Darico Exchange (DAREX) once it launched, and be rewarded with DECS.

Further information about DECS can be found here:

Read more about DAREX here: 

Join the Darican Program and get KYC verified to start earning your DEC tokens. Please visit the following link:

More news is coming up about Darico, so stay tuned!