They want their world back

I find the world a very fascinating place. One the one hand I see videos and hear stories of great kindness, people helping each other through the toughest of times for no other reason than they happen to be another human being; on the other I see cruelty and discrimination, people battered down and left wanting for no other reason than they happen to be a particular type of human being.

So as I obverse the goings on outside, I see people with so little clubbing together help a poor old lady pay here electric bill; while the millionaires in the government, earning tens of thousands of pounds in their government jobs (and hundreds of thousands of pounds from work they do because they have a government job) taking way the little people have and thus causing the little old lady such hardship that she is unable to pay here electric bill.

This kind of disparity between the haves and have nots is nothing new. It dates back to a time when the lords of the lands would raid Scottish villages, steal the wives from poor villagers in the North of England for non-payment of taxes, murder and burn hard up farmers in Wales and drain every last penny from the peasants trying to survive on the streets of London. These callus bloodlines have survived the centuries. They may have changed their names over the years but the accessors of these slave traders; these tax avoider; these so called nobles, still hold positions of power today.

They make policies, and force their ideologies on the people. They still look at those they consider beneath them like a piece of discarded dog poor stuck to the bottom of their £1200 shoes, they have no idea why it is there, and they truly believe they have a right to all the money.

I truly believe that given the chance, this government would set to reprieve 1918 Representation of the People Act. Not the bit about giving women the vote, but the bit where people without property could vote. I honestly feel that the current rhetoric of blaming the poor and immigrants is leading towards a removal of rights if you don’t conform to their way of thinking.

Donald Trump in the USA is already setting up this ‘enemy within’ landscape. The UK government is doing everything it can to punish those out of work; the sick; the disabled; the vulnerable. Even those in low paid work are being punished for having to audacity to want to take some time each day to see their children rather than work every possible hour just to live.

The selling off of social housing is supposed to give people a leg up onto the property ladder. Giving them a sense of pride, achievement, that they are somehow now moving up to be closer to those in power. They want you to be a property owner, to be in debt and give you reasons to vote for them because they were the ones that gave you the opportunity to own property and be in debt.

The next step is to change to the rights. First it will be only those who work more than 30 hours a week will get to decided on the future of this country. Then it will be stake holder, only those with a vested interest, the property owners. Maybe they’ll then base it on how much your earn, how many children you have, how you voted last time.

This may all seem far fetched, but if you really think about it, think about who these people in charge are and where they came from, you might start to fear it as well. The big corporations want to owns us, the government think they already do. I fear that in life time I will see removal of rights and a return of the work houses. The old families will have turned back the clock and put us people back in our place.

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