‘Twas the night of Halloween

‘Twas the night of Halloween,and all though the house
All the ghosties were stirring, even the dead mouse
The severed heads were hanging by the back door with cheer
In hopes that old Nick, would run off in fear

The children were quaking, scared tucked up in bed
While visions of zombies danced round in their heads
And mamma with her hatchet, me popping a cap
Had just nearly been bitten, by some undead chap

When out on the lawn There rose such a clatter
I sprang from my bed to see what’s the matter
Away to window with hammer and nail
To pin up some boards in case the locks fail

The moon on the beast made the werewolf howl
And rotting corpses made the air smell foul
When what to my wondering eye should I see?
A miniature Slayer on a vampire killing spree

A witch then flew by on the back of her broom
As Demons danced merry in the light of the moon
More quicker than bats the hordes of hell came
I looked through the gaps and called them by name

“Now Zombies! Now Vampires! Now Mummies and Killers!
Now Ghosts! Now Ghouls! Now Warlocks and Creatures!”
I then saw some humans on the other side of the wall
Now run away! Run Away! Run away all!

Then, came the darkness all through the land
As up stepped the master through flames all so grand
A chill shook my bones, my mouth wore a frown
As old Nick, the Devil strolled into town

His skin red as fire, his eye black as soot
Horns growing from his head, a hoof instead of a foot
His voice, as he spoke took the joy from the air
Nothing felt happy, when the Dark Lord was there

He threw out his chest, and bellowed forth his curse
“Everyone come see me as I walk upon this Earth.
As these creatures are my children, we shall celebrate my night
“So to all, Happy Halloween, I hope you sleep tight.”


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