Final Blog

Throughout this past quarter, I have seen myself grow as not only a writer, but as a reader as well. By taking this course, I have learned about the many themes that are often found in pieces of literature. Prior to this course I have never been one to pick out these themes, most of the time I never even notice they are there. Also, I learned to appreciate the writing styles that authors use in their literature as it often makes a story more intriguing.

Some of the themes and writing styles that I cover in my blog include; community, audience, hero vs. villain and tone. For my first blog post I covered the reoccurring theme of community. I was able to distinguish how religion and sports both make up a community. By establishing a community in a piece of literature allows for people to connect and relate to what the author is saying. Going off that, in my next blog post, I covered a popular theme, audience. Audience was the theme that I really took away from this course as it plays such an important role when writing a piece of literature. Determining what audience one will be trying to reach is often the key component to a successful piece of writing. In my next blog post, I covered a popular theme in hero vs. villain. This is a reoccurring theme that we see in today’s literature as it almost always provides the opportunity for an interesting story. Another popular theme that I covered on my blog was tone. When reading a piece of literature you can almost always tell how the author feels based on the tone of the story. You can determine the tone of a story by looking for certain placement of punctuation or the use of certain words.

I thoroughly enjoyed this class as I feel that I truly grasped an understanding for all these writing techniques and styles. Most of the time my audience was for the world of sports, but I noticed how my tone in my pieces of writing has changed. For example, in my Short Assignment 3 piece, I was talking about racism and racial slurs in professional sports. I saw this as a real world problem; therefore the tone of my writing was very serious. On the other hand, in my Short Assignment 2, I covered the common misconception that the NBA is full of “thugs.” In this piece I felt that I had more room for sarcasm and make jokes, as it is not as serious of a topic as racism in sports, covered in my Short Assignment 3. Overall, I am glad I took this course because it allowed me to enjoy literature for once because it always involved a topic that I love, sports. This allowed me to actually want to read the assigned readings and allowed me to stop and take the time to look at the writing styles and techniques of the authors.

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