How to Surrender

Anyone can surrender.

Surrendering doesn’t require you to do anything more than what you’re doing right now.

I repeat: there is nothing you have to do right now that you’re not doing.

Our egos have a way of making personal growth sound like an arduous war we’d be much better suited sitting out of.

And don’t get me wrong — yeah, it is hard sometimes. The same way fixing up an old house is work. It takes time. But it’s what everyone’s there to do — fix this house and make it a home.

And as it stands, you’re already equipped with the most powerful tool, the most trusted companion, the most reliable resource.

The ability to surrender.

You might not even be aware of how much you’re fighting right now. How many energetic tugs-of-war you’re having with other people in your life, or with your job or with your self-image or even with God/the Universe/your Higher Power/the Head Honcho Upstairs.

Or you might know exactly what I’m talking about right now.

There’s a lot of pride and a lot of ego tied up in holding up your end of that rope. Dropping it means giving in, giving up, failing, losing, humiliating yourself. We all seem to have Carrie White’s mother in our head.

We’re not all going to laugh at you. At least I’m not, and so that’s one person. And I’m friends with some pretty nice people who I don’t think would laugh at you either, so that’s a few more.

So I’d venture to say there are even more people out there who aren’t going to laugh at you.

Surrender to the fact that, sure, of the billions of people on this planet, someone might look up from their phone long enough to laugh at you. And will likely forget about you the moment they get back to counting their Instagram followers.

So then how do you surrender?

(You may ask.)

As I said before, there’s nothing more you have to do right now.

It’s about doing less.

It’s about dropping the rope, and staying present when your ego screams obscenities in your ear (because it’s scared to death so cultivate some compassion for the poor thing).

It’s about allowing time to pass and life to continue without the rope in your hands, and discovering just how much energy you get back from that. Just how free you are.

It’s about trusting in the freedom you’ve been given to do so much good in your life now that your hands are free from gripping the rope and continuing to fight battles that are neither necessary nor real.

Because you weren’t just holding onto that rope.

You were bound.